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Symbolic computation can be seen as the automation and algorithmization of mathematics.

Maximilian Jaroschek

Therefore, most of what we do results in concrete software. The Asymptotics package provides a command for computing asymptotic series expansions of solutions of P-finite recurrence equations. CASA is a special-purpose system for computational algebra and constructive algebraic geometry. The system has been developed sinceand is the ongoing product of the Computer Algebra Group under the direction of Prof. It is built on the CFLP is the prototype of a distributed implementation of a functional-logic language embedded into Mathematica.

CharSet is an Aldor package written by Christian Aistleitner for differential characteristic set computations. Interfaces to the command line, Mathematica and Maple are included. DAJ is a toolkit for designing, implementing, testing, simulating, and visualizing distributed algorithms in Java.

maximilian jaroschek

DiffTools is a Mathematica implementation for solving linear difference equations with polynomial coefficients. It contains an algorithm for finding polynomial solutions by Marko Petkovsekthe algorithm by Sergei Abramov for finding rational solutions, the algorithm of Mark van Hoeij for Distributed Maple is a Java-based package for writing parallel programs in Maple and executing them on networks of computers. Engel is a Mathematica implementation of the q -Engel Expansion algorithm which expands q-series into inverse polynomial series.

Examples of q-Engel Expansions include the Rogers-Ramanujan identities together with their elegant generalization by GeneratingFunctions is a Mathematica package for manipulations of univariate holonomic functions and sequences. Partition Analysis is a computational The Guess package provides commands for guessing multivariate recurrence equations, as well as for efficiently guessing minimal order univariate recurrence, differential, or algebraic equations given the initial terms of a sequence or The HarmonicSums package by Jakob Ablinger allows to deal with nested sums such as harmonic sums, S-sums, cyclotomic sums and cyclotmic S-sums as well as iterated integrals such as harmonic polylogarithms, multiple polylogarithms and cyclotomic polylogarithms in an algorithmic fashion.

The HolonomicFunctions package allows to deal with multivariate holonomic functions and sequences in an algorithmic fashion. For this purpose the package can compute annihilating ideals and execute closure properties addition, multiplication, substitutions The package is written by Ralf Hemmecke and Silviu Radu. The MultiIntegrate package allows to compute multi-dimensional integrals over hyperexponential integrands in terms of generalized harmonic sums.

This package uses variations and extensions of the multivariate Alkmkvist-Zeilberger algorithm. Registration and Legal Notices The source code for this package is password MultiSum is a Mathematica package for proving hypergeometric multi-sum identities.

The package has It has been developed together with George E. Andrews and Peter Paule within the frame of a project initiated The main features for the most common instances include basic arithmetic and actions; gcrd and lclm; D-finite closure properties; natural transformations between related algebras; guessing; desingularization; solvers for polynomials, OreSys is a Mathematica package for uncoupling systems of linear Ore operator equations.

It offers four algorithms for reducing systems of differential or q- difference equations to higher order equations in a single PermGroup is a Mathematica package dealing with permutation groups, group actions and Polya theory.

It deals with term sequences also called hedgestransforming them by conditional rules. Transformations are nondeterministic and may yield Furthermore, we provide a number of functions connected to the Uncu is a Mathematica package for q-series and partition theory applications.Category : News. Read the full call for papers here. The photo gallery of GROW is now online here. Category : Uncategorized. Following the ceremony the winners will give a short presentation of their theses.

The award ceremony is collocated with GROW The award is dedicated to the memory of Helmut Veiththe brilliant computer scientist who tragically passed away in Marchand aims to carry on his commitment to promoting young talent and promising researchers in these areas. The winners receive cash prizes, and invitation to present the theses.

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The deadline for submission of nominations for the degrees awarded between November 15th, and December 31st, inclusive will be announced in January The welcome reception of GROW took place in front of the workshop seminar room in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is our pleasure to open the registration for GROW Tags : Keynote Program. Toggle navigation. November 20, GROW October 7, GROW Photo Gallery. September 24, GROW September 23, GROW Welcome Reception. July 23, GROW Preliminary Program. May 17, GROW Registration is open.Program analysis requires the generation of program properties expressing conditions to hold at intermediate program locations. When it comes to programs with loops, these properties are typically expressed as loop invariants.

In this paper we study a class of multi-path program loops with numeric variables, in particular nested loops with conditionals, where assignments to program variables are polynomial expressions over program variables. We call this class of loops extended P-solvable and introduce an algorithm for generating all polynomial invariants of such loops. This fixed point represents the polynomial ideal of all polynomial invariants of the given extended P-solvable loop.

We prove termination of our method and show that the maximal number of iterations for reaching the fixed point depends linearly on the number of program variables and the number of inner loops.

Suzy S. Maddah

We implemented our approach in the Aligator software package. Furthermore, we evaluated it on 18 programs with polynomial arithmetic and compared it to existing methods in invariant generation. The results show the efficiency of our approach. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Conference paper First Online: 29 December This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Buchberger, B.

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Cachera, D. SAS LNCS, vol. Springer, Heidelberg Farzan, A.Our dedicated faculty and staff fuel the dynamic environment in both research and teaching. They are a creative, diverse and passionate group of excellent researchers and lecturers. PostDoc Researcher Security and Privacy. PreDoc Researcher Visual Analytics. PreDoc Researcher Computer Graphics. PostDoc Researcher E-Commerce.

PostDoc Researcher Visual Analytics. PreDoc Researcher Business Informatics. PostDoc Researcher Theory and Logic. PreDoc Researcher Security and Privacy. PreDoc Researcher Distributed Systems.

maximilian jaroschek

PostDoc Researcher Automation Systems. PostDoc Researcher Business Informatics. PreDoc Researcher E-Commerce. PreDoc Researcher Compilers and Languages. PreDoc Researcher Computer Vision. PreDoc Researcher Automation Systems. Senior Scientist Computer Vision. PreDoc Researcher Algorithms and Complexity. Senior Lecturer Databases and Artificial Intelligence. Senior Scientist Information and Software Engineering.

Dr. Maximilian Jaroschek

PostDoc Researcher Distributed Systems. PreDoc Researcher Theory and Logic.

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PostDoc Researcher Compilers and Languages. PostDoc Researcher Computer Graphics. Senior Scientist Computer Graphics.VMCAI provides a forum for researchers from the communities of Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation, facilitating interaction, cross-fertilization, and advancement of hybrid methods that combine these and related areas. VMCAI will be the 19th edition in the series. The papers will be freely available from Springer here from Jan 7 to Feb 3, We encourage particularly female students and underrepresented minorities to apply for this grant.

Due to budget restrictions, a limited number of students can benefit from this support. Interested students must apply before Dec 10,AoE, by sending a request to isil cs. Applicants will be notified by Dec 15, VMCAI welcomes research papers on any topic related to verification, model checking, and abstract interpretation.

Research contributions can report new results as well as experimental evaluations and comparisons of existing techniques. Submissions can address any programming paradigm, including concurrent, constraint, functional, imperative, logic, and object-oriented programming.

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Additional material may be placed in an appendix, to be read at the discretion of the reviewers and to be omitted in the final version. Formatting style files and further guidelines for formatting can be found at the Springer website. Submissions must be uploaded via the paper submission site. Toggle navigation.

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Sign in Sign up. Proceedings The papers will be freely available from Springer here from Jan 7 to Feb 3, Reasoning about Functions. Rustan M. Leino Amazon. Abstraction-Based Interaction Model for Synthesis. Generating Tests by Example.

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Foster University of Maryland, College Park. Gradual Program Verification. Lenore ZuckKenneth L. How to Stay Decidable.

Kenneth L. McMillan Microsoft Research. On Constructivity of Galois Connections. Francesco Ranzato University of Padova. On abstraction and compositionality for weak-memory linearisability.

Rethinking Compositionality for Concurrent Program Proofs. Azadeh Farzan University of Toronto. Automatic Verification of Intermittent Systems. Manjeet DahiyaSorav Bansal. From Shapes to Amortized Complexity.It is open-source, proof-producing, and complete for quantifier-free formulas with uninterpreted functions and linear arithmetic on real numbers and integers.

It also offers good support for quantifiers. Although not yet as fast as the solvers performing best in the SMT competitionveriT has a decent efficiency. The project is under heavy development, and newcomers are most welcome! Just contact us. Please note that this version of the tool does not support the full syntax but only the features supported by the original tool. Since programming provers is a complex task, a good testing platform can contribute in detecting bugs early and helping development.

GridTPT's features are fairly standard, but it allows to easily distribute the task in a cluster for extensive tests to be completed quickly. GridTPT is neither stable nor easy to use, but if you are looking for a testing platform for your prover or solver, contact us and we will help you to install, configure and use the solver. This will also help us to improve the tool and hopefully eventually distribute a adaptable tool to the community.

The code is BSD and written mostly in Python. Our goal is to offer a platform to develop: analyses of SMT-LIB problems unused variables, typechecking, logic detection simplifications and transformations of SMT-LIB problems term normalization, constant propagation as pre- or post-processing steps. Check out our GitHub page for more detailed information. The SAT problem can be modeled using Matlab matrices.

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The current implementation allows to either use dense or sparse matrices. It has already been used successfully under Windows 7 64 bits and Ubuntu It is intended to be used by industrial as well as academic communities.

The code is released under the BSD license. Different packages for different operating systems and architectures are available:. Rodin is an Eclipse-based development environment for Event-B. It is still under development.

maximilian jaroschek

REDUCE is a computer algebra system often used as an algebraic calculator for problems that are possible to do by hand. Some versions of veriT use Reduce. The E equational theorem prover is a first-order logic theorem prover based on the superposition calculus.

maximilian jaroschek

It was used by veriT as a standalone application. CRefine is an editor that supports the formal development of concurrent object-oriented software in Circus by implementing a refinement calculus. Bliss is a backtracking algorithm for computing automorphism groups and canonical forms of graphs, based on individualization and refinement. Saucy is the implementation of a symmetry-discovery algorithm. In early releases, veriT used the SAT-solver MiniSat to represent and manipulate the boolean structure of the formulas.

In case you want to participate in the development of a SMT-solver, you may want to join the team of developers of veriT. For questions, comments, feature requests and bug reports, please Email address protected.In this paper, we present an algorithm for computing a fundamental matri Barkatouet al.

Polynomial remainder sequences contain the intermediate results of the E Analyzing and reasoning about safety properties of software systems beco Program analysis requires the generation of program properties expressin It is well known that for a first order system of linear difference equa We describe the Aligator. Are you a researcher? Expose your work to one of the largest A.

Already have an account? Login here. Don't have an account? Signup here. Maximilian Jaroschek is this you? Featured Co-authors. Manuel Kauers 18 publications. Andreas Humenberger 3 publications.

Moulay A. Barkatou 2 publications. Suzy S. Maddah 1 publication. Invariant Generation for Multi-Path Loops with Polynomial Assignments Program analysis requires the generation of program properties expressin Desingularization of First Order Linear Difference Systems with Rational Function Coefficients It is well known that for a first order system of linear difference equa Get the week's most popular data science research in your inbox - every Saturday.

Hey Maximilian Jaroschek! Claim your profile and join one of the world's largest A.

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